As a tutorial instructor for Research Methods in Political Science, I had 96 students over one term. The primary focus of the tutorial sessions was to introduce students to R and beginner statistical analysis tools such as hypothesis testing, linear regression, and data visualization. 

Tutorial instruction for Foundations of Political Theory and International Relations centered on the work of Aristotle, Mill, and Marx for half of the term and the other half on democratic peace theory and topics related to international trade. One of my main goals for the tutorial instruction was to introduce students to academic writing skills and resources. 

I was the teaching assistant for State and Local Politics for over a year. I engaged students during office hours and marked various assignments including discussion boards, multiple choice exams, and end of term essays. 

I was the teaching assistant for a mixed undergraduate and graduate level statistics course. My responsibilities included holding office hours for students, holding review sessions, proctoring examinations, grading exams and homework assignments, and communicating expectations and guidance to students. Topics covered in this course included an introduction to R, data visualization, and hypothesis testing. 

As the coordinator for a section of Introduction to American Government, I was responsible for planning the curriculum for an entire term and engaging my students in introductory material related to the three branches of American government, the legislative process, the court system, and procedures of Congress. 

As a teaching assistant for Basic Economics, I marked several sections of the course, which totaled to more than 100 students. Primarily, I was responsible for marking end of term essays related to basic economic principles such as scarcity, supply and demand, costs and benefits, and incentives.